Decluttering Christmas Tree Ornaments: Guilt Free!

Christmas ornaments I've decluttered. They will bless someone else's family next Christmas.
Christmas ornaments I’ve decluttered. They will bless someone else’s family next Christmas.

I don’t know about you, but I find Christmas items one of the hardest items for me to purge.  Especially Christmas tree ornaments!  Each item just seems to hold such an emotional importance to me, even things that I frankly don’t even like very much.  Ah, memories!

In the last couple years I’ve made more of an effort to simplify Christmas.  And this means limiting the amount of Christmas-themed items I allow myself to have.  This has three main benefits: 1.) Less decorations are easier to put up at the start of the season; 2.) Less decorations are easier to put away at the end of the season; and 3.) You can appreciate your favorite decorations much more when they are proudly featured and not just “one of many.”

All in all, I’ve done well with reducing the amount of Christmas decorations I have.  Except where the Christmas tree ornaments are concerned.  They take up very little space… the effort hardly seemed worth it.  But this year as I was finally taking down the tree, I took the time to go through the ornaments one by one.

Reasons to get rid of a Christmas ornament (guilt free!):

  • It is broken.  Broken ornaments are not only an eyesore, but they could also be dangerous.  Throw them out!
  • It no longer is visually attractive to you.  Tastes change.  Something you thought was beautiful 5 years ago might not appeal to you these days.  And that’s okay!  Donate that ornament and let someone else get joy from it.
  • It brings about sad or unhappy feelings.  Maybe it was a gift from an ex?  Or perhaps it was purchased during a particularly stressful period in your life?  Whatever the reason, if the ornament doesn’t make you feel good, don’t keep it.
  • It is no longer meaningful to you.  Often times we aquire Christmas ornaments to represent stages of our lives, such as a profession or a hobby.  But our lives change.  If you no longer care one iota about tennis, what’s the point in hanging a miniature tennis ball ornament on the tree each year?

Reasons to keep a Christmas ornament:

  • Memories!  Many ornaments tell a story.  Babies first Christmas… a favorite hobby… an ornament handmade by your grandmother… a gift from a friend.  By all means, these should be kept and cherished!
  • You like how it looks.  We all need a little bling in our lives.  Some ornaments serve no purpose other than to be eye candy, and that’s okay.  If you like it, keep it.
  • It makes you smile.  So what if it is a dorky stuffed cat ornament you won at the fair long ago, if the ornament makes you smile or laugh, for whatever reason, keep it.  The holidays are stressful enough, grab a chuckle or two wherever and however you can.

Next year when I put up my tree, I will be staring at a collection of ornaments that are meaningful to me in one aspect or another.  Not only will decorating the tree be less of a chore, it will bring me joy at the same time.  I can hardly wait!

How difficult is it for you to get rid of Christmas ornaments? Are you more sentimental or more practical where they are concerned?  Leave a comment and tell us, or “like” me on Facebook and talk about it there.

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