New Years Goals

It’s a new year, and that means it’s time for some new resolutions.  Although, I’d prefer to call them goals.  A resolution is a statement of intent, whereas a goal (per is “the result or achievement toward which effort is directed.”  I like this definition as it allows fluidity and grace in the outcome.  We all make new years resolutions hoping to be successful, but even if we aren’t there is often much to be gained from the process.

That said, here are my goals.  I know I won’t be 100% successful but that’s okay.  These goals still give me something to strive toward.  Any progress made towards the end result will improve my life!

1.) Organization – Since this is a blog about my journey to organization, I guess I’d better make this my first goal.  “Finally get organized” is a great goal, but it isn’t measurable.  So to make it more specific, I’ll say I want to get my two problem areas organized – my basement and garage – which will include identifying storage solutions for these areas to prevent them from becoming problems again in the future.  In addition, I want to establish and follow-through with some habits to help keep the rest of my home and life organized, especially in terms of cleaning, money management, and time management.  Developing these will be a big focus in the next few months.  I’m also making it to goal to blog here on a regular basis (let’s say at least once a week) to keep myself accountable.

2.) Read the Bible in one year – There are parts of the Bible that I head so often I have them memorized; other parts have been skimmed or skipped completely.  This year I want to read the Bible in chronological order in its entirety.  That means I can’t skip past the boring parts!  I have some friends from work with a similar goal so perhaps we can keep ourselves motivated.

3.) Lose 15 pounds – I have a 10 pound window that I tend to fluctuate between.  Right now I am at the upper end of that window – damn Christmas cookies!!!  I’d like to lose those 10 pounds plus 5 more, which would put me in a really healthy position weight wise.  I’m planning to do this through a combination of eating healthier (more veggies, less sugar) and more exercise.

4.) Get back to my frugal roots – I’ve always been a frugal person but as my income comfort level has increased, so has my spending.  This year I want to get back to my frugal roots and cut back on unnecessary spending.  A big part in achieving this goal will be getting my finances better organized in general.  I am instituting a 24 hour ‘hold’ on all non-essential Amazon purchases (where the bulk of my impulse buying seems to occur) so I can evaluate if the item is truly something I need.  I also want the cash balance in my checking account (this is the account that is fed by my paycheck and small side hustles that I use for everyday purchases – not my investment, rental business, or long term savings accounts which I do not use for general spending) to have $5,000 more in it by this time next year than it has today.  That is entirely doable if I cut back on my spending to a more reasonable level.

I’ll keep y’all updated on my progress from time to time.  Wish me luck!

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